Enzo Garinei

Enzo Garinei, born Vincenzo Garinei (Rome, 4 May 1926), is an Italian actor and dubber.
Brother of the famous playwright and theater director Pietro Garinei and father of Andrea, also an actor, he is a prolific theatrical, television and film actor, and one of the main characters of the Italian scene. He made his debut at the cinema in 1949, in "Totò le Mokò", and over the course of four decades he took part, in secondary roles, in numerous musical and cinematographic comedies, slowing down his appearances only from the nineties. In the light theater he often participated in the performances of Garinei and Giovannini; his recent performances (in 2008 and 2009) see him among the protagonists of "Facciamo l'amore", alongside Gianluca Guidi and Lorenza Mario and "Aggiungi un posto a tavola", always alongside Gianluca Guidi and Marisa Laurito . In the theatrical season 2017/2018 he returns with the new edition of "Aggiungi un posto a tavola", interpreting "the voice of God" live and obtaining a warm tribute of affection from the public. Until 2008 he was also, albeit occasionally, a dubber: the best-known character dubbed by him is probably that of George Jefferson (played by Sherman Hemsley) of the sitcom I Jefferson (1975-1985). Stan Laurel also doubled in some comedies and films. In July 2009 he won the special recognition "Legio d'oro" Alberto Sordi.


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