Peter Birrel

Peter Birrel (19 July 1935 – 23 June 2004) was an English actor who played numerous bit parts on British television for nearly forty years. He appeared in the Doctor Who story Frontier in Space in 1973, as well as in the documentary I Was a 'Doctor Who' Monster. He also appeared in the first series of Alexander the Greatest. His film credits included Freelance (1971), Arch of Triumph (1984), and the television miniseries Freud (1984), War and Remembrance (1988) and Around the World in 80 Days (1989). In the late seventies he played a guest-role in George & Mildred as Georges brother Charlie Roper in the episode A Military Pickle.

In 1998, he married actress Stephanie Cole, who remained his wife until his death from cancer in 2004 in Bath at age 68.


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