Codename: Kids Next Door


Main Details
Premiere Date 2002
Alternative Titles
  • Kids Next Door (English - Short)
  • KND (English - Abbreviation)
  • KND: Los Chicos del Barrio (Spanish)
  • Deckname: KND (German)
  • Nome In Codice: Kommando Nuovi Diavoli (Italian)
  • Nom de code : Kids Next Door (French)
  • Kryptonim: Klan Na Drzewie (Polish)
  • Kodnamn Grannungarna (Swedish)
  • Kodenavn Naboens Børn (Danish)
  • Nume de Cod: Clanul Nebunaticilor de Alături (Romanian)
  • Jelszó: Kölök Nem Dedós (Hungarian)
  • Kodennavn: Nabobarna (Norwegian)
  • Кодово име: Съседските деца (Bulgarian)
  • Kod Adı: Afacanlar (Turkish)
Category TV Show / TV Series
Created By Tom Warburton
Voice Ben Diskin
Voice Dee Bradley Baker
Voice Lauren Tom
Voice Cree Summer
Voice Jeff Bennett
Voice Grey DeLisle
Voice Jennifer Hale
Voice Ogie Banks
Voice Mark Hamill
Voice Jason Harris
Voice Janice Kawaye
Voice Tom Kenny
Voice Maurice LaMarche
Voice Matt Levin
Voice Rachael MacFarlane
Voice Candi Milo
Voice Daran Norris
Voice Neil Ross
Voice Frank Welker
Voice Dave Wittenberg
Voice Cam Clarke
Voice Marc Graue
Voice Khary Payton
Voice Rob Paulsen
Voice James Arnold Taylor
Voice Jess Harnell
Voice Jason Marsden
Voice Keone Young
Voice Carlos Alazraqui
Voice John DiMaggio
Voice Billy West
Voice Anndi McAfee
Voice Jim Cummings
Voice Kim Mai Guest
Voice Roger Rose
Voice Jill Talley
Voice Greg Cipes
Voice Charlie Schlatter
Voice Keith Ferguson
Voice Scott Menville
Voice Fred Tatasciore
Voice Amber Hood
Voice Joe Alaskey
Voice Nika Futterman
Voice Josh Peck
Voice Moira Quirk
Voice Roger Jackson
Production Company Curious Pictures
Broadcaster Cartoon Network
Notes The adventures of a group of five 10-year-olds who are part of a global organization called the Kids Next Door, whose members battle evil adults and fight for the rights of children everywhere.

Originally aired for six seasons from 2002 to 2008 on Cartoon Network in the United States.


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