Alan Carr Tooth Fairy LIVE


Main Details
Premiere Date 2007
Category Other
Presenter Alan Carr
Written By Alan Carr
Executive Producer Addison Cresswell
Executive Producer Joe Norris
Executive Producer Andrew Beint
Executive Producer Helen Parker
Producer Anthony Caveney
Director Paul Wheeler
Lighting Director Ian Jackson-French
Set Designer Colin Pigott
Associate Producer Danny Julian
Associate Producer Grazio Abela
Production Manager Naomi Keenlyside
Production Co-ordinator Charlie Williams
Production Accountant Debee Connors-Aspell
Solicitor Ruth Gladwin
Sound Supervisor Rob Ashard
FOH Sound Richard Nowell Sound Services
Vision Mixer Dave Fitzpatrick
Unit Manager Peter Webb
Editor Steve Andrews
Colourist Colin Peters
Camera Supervisor Tony Keene
Camera Operator Martin Scholte
Camera Operator Ahmet Bekir
Camera Operator Adam Gordon
Camera Operator David Brice
Camera Operator Chris Rees
Camera Assistant Mark Elliot
Camera Assistant Simon Anderson
QB Crew Oliver Orrom
QB Crew Chris Bardsley
QB Crew Graham Aylard
QB Crew Craig McGuire
QB Crew Gayle Hall
QB Crew Neville Hooper
Staging Crew John Gallimore
Staging Crew Babs Egervary
Lighting Crew Steve Nicholson
Lighting Crew John Edwards
Lighting Crew Keith Marston
Lighting Board Operator Martin Bush
Fellow Spot Operator Linford Hudson
Fellow Spot Operator Jason Gilbert
Hammersmith Apollo Phil Rogers
Hammersmith Apollo Tony Walston
Hammersmith Apollo Mary Green
Hammersmith Apollo Liz Large
Hammersmith Apollo Beth Loughran
Hammersmith Apollo Joanna Wybourne
Tour Promotion Off The Kerb Productions
Producer Addison Cresswell
Producer Joe Norris
Tour Manager Grazio Abela
Production Co-ordinator Danny Julian
Production Co-ordinator Damon Pettitt
Production Secretary Shelley Cresswell
Production Accountant Ann Kennedy
Sound Richard Noel Sound Services
Sound Liam McGinchey
Sound Phil Tame
Publicity The PR Office
Adverts & Marketing Elaine McGowan
Graphic Design Tangerine
Photography Ellis O'Brian
Tour Print Wesmon Print
Travel ET Travel


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