Высокая Горка


Main Details
Premiere Date 1951
Alternative Titles
  • Բարձր սար (Armenian)
  • Na Wysokiej Górze (Polish)
Category Short Film
Production Company Союзмультфильм
Director Леонид Амальрик
Director Владимир Полковников
Writer (Novel) Виталий Бианки as по мотивам сказки «Красная горка»
Screenwriter Григорий Колтунов
Screenwriter Михаил Вольпин as стихотворный текст
Cinematographer Михаил Друян
Composer Виктор Оранский
Production Designer Александр Трусов
Voice Actor Анастасия Зуева as Сойка
Voice Actor Ирина Гошева
Voice Actor Георгий Вицин as Чик, воробьишка
Voice Actor Клементина Ростовцева
Notes In 2001, the cartoon was restored and re-voiced. In the new version, the phonogram was completely replaced, modern actors were involved in the re-sounding, the data on the sound engineer and voice actors were replaced in the credits. The re-voice was extremely negatively perceived by both most viewers and members of the professional community. The quality of the restoration is also sometimes criticized.


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