Bad Lieutenant


Main Details
Premiere Date 1992-05-14
Category Feature Film
Director, Writer Abel Ferrara
Writer Zoë Lund
Actor Harvey Keitel as LT
Actor Victor Argo as Cop
Actor Paul Calderon as Cop
Actor Leonard L. Thomas as Cop
Actor Bo Dietl as Detective Bo
Actor Gene Canfield as Detective Gene
Actress Frankie Thorn as The Nun
Actress Zoë Lund as Zoe
Actress Eddie Daniels as Jersey Girl - Driver
Actress Bianca Hunter as Jersey Girl - Passenger
Actor Vincent Laresca as JC
Actor Anthony Ruggiero as Lite
Actress Victoria Bastel as Bowtay
Actress Robin Burrows as Ariane
Actor Frank Adonis as Large
Actor G. Elvis Phillips as Young Cop
Actor Stephen Chen as Korean Store Owner
Actor Shawn McClean as Korean Store Hood
Actor John Steven Jones as Korean Store Hood
Actor Fernando Véléz as Julio
Actor Joseph Micheal Cruz as Paulo
Actor Paul Hipp as Jesus
Actor Lambert Moss as Veronica
Actor Nicholas De Cegli as Limelight Guide
Actor Larry Mullane as Detective Larry
Actor Michael A. Fella as Detective Mike
Actor Michael N. Ciravolo as Detective Michael
Actress Heather Bracken as Nurse
Actress Penelope Allen as Doctor
Actor Ed Kovens as Monsignor
Actor Jaime Sánchez as Priest
Actress Peggy Gormley as LT's Wife
Actress Stella Keitel as LT's Daughter
Actor Brian McElroy as LT's Son
Actor Frank Acciarito as LT's Son
Actress Dana Dee as LT's Baby Girl
Actress Minnie Gentry as Elderly Woman
Actress Iraida Polanco as Mamacita
Voice Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo as Radio Announcer
Voice John Clohessy as Radio Announcer
Voice Bruce Murray as Radio Announcer
Voice Bob Murphy as Play-by-play Announcer
Voice Warner Fusselle as Play-by-play Announcer
Actor Phil Neilson as Left Turn
Actor Nick Macdonald as Man In Crowd
Actor Darryl Strawberry as Himself
Music By Joe Delia
Producer Mary Kane
Producer Edward R. Pressman
Co-Producer Randy Sabusawa
Executive Producer Patrick Wachsberger
Executive Producer Ronna B. Wallace
Line Producer Diana Phillips
Director Of Photography Ken Kelsch
Editing By Anthony Redman


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