Station To Station


Main Details
Premiere Date 2015-01-25
Category Feature Film
Director Doug Aitken
Cinematography Doug Aitken
Cinematography Corey Walter
Notes Station to Station is a feature length film made up of 62 one-minute films. With each changing minute the film explores creativity through a different artist, musician, place or perspective, ultimately revealing a larger sense of modern expression transcending the individual voices.

Over 24 days, the Station to Station train traveled 4,000 miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
As it stopped in large cities and remote locations, a constantly changing group of artists, 
musicians and performers took part in a series of explosive happenings.

The Station to Station feature film collages an amazing cross-section of people and places, from icons of culture to a hitchhiker found on a desert road: Beck performing with a gospel choir in the Mojave desert; artist Olafur Eliasson creating art from the speed of the train; Ed Ruscha reflecting on the modern landscape; Dan Deacon performing electronic music in a pulsing audience; the Savages and Suicide igniting the happenings. Each of these short films explores the new frontier of creative expression.

The Station to Station film is a fast moving road trip through modern creativity.


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