The Mask


Main Details
Premiere Date 1994-07-29
Category Feature Film
Based on the Comic John Arcudi
Based on the Comic Chris Warner
Based on the Comic Doug Mahnke
Director Charles Russell
Producer Bob Engelman
Screenplay Mike Werb
Story Michael Fallon
Story Mark Verheiden
Music Randy Edelman
Cinematographer John R. Leonetti
Editor Arthur Coburn
Production Company New Line Cinema
Production Company Dark Horse Entertainment
Cast Jim Carrey as Stanley Ipkiss / The Mask
Cast Peter Greene as Dorian Tyrell
Cast Cameron Diaz as Tina Carlyle
Cast Orestes Matacena as Niko
Cast Peter Riegert as Lt. Mitch Kellaway
Cast Jim Doughan as Detective Doyle
Cast Richard Jeni as Charlie Schumaker
Cast Amy Yasbeck as Peggy Brandt
Cast Jeremy Roberts as Bobby the Bouncer
Cast Ben Stein as Dr. Arthur Neuman
Cast Ivory Ocean as Mitchell Tilton
Cast Reginald E. Cathey as Freeze
Cast William Daniel Mielcarek as Doc
Cast Denis Forest as Sweet Eddy
Cast Eamonn Roche as Mr. Dickey
Cast Nancy Fish as Mrs. Peenman
Cast Nils Allen Stewart as Orlando
Cast Blake Clark as Murray


RoryHoy posted 7 months ago:

One of my favourite childhood films and one of the very first films I ever saw. It's a fun family-friendly slapstick superhero movie based of a family-unfriendly comic book series of the same name. Jim Carrey is hilarious as Stanley Ipkiss/The Mask, who goes around trolling people when he has the power of the Mask, and Dad's/Teenage Boys will get a kick out of seeing a young Cameron Diaz in her movie debut. While it is somewhat dated in parts (especially the CGI), I think it's still a very enjoyable movie.

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