Child Abduction Is Not Funny


Main Details
Premiere Date 2002-07-24
Category TV Episode
Created By Trey Parker
Created By Matt Stone
Director Trey Parker
Written By Trey Parker
Voice Trey Parker as Stan Marsh / Eric Cartman / Tom the News Reader / Black News Reader / Mr. Tweak / Paraplegic Man / Frederick Johnson / Police Chief / Mr. Black / Randy Marsh / Tuong Lu Kim / Chris the News Reader / Mr. Mackey / Chris Stotch / Mongolian #1
Voice Matt Stone as Kyle Broflovski / SNN News Reader / Tweek / Officer Daniels / Driver / Policeman / Jimbo Kern / Gerald Broflovski / Mr. Mackey Sr. / Mr. Donovan / Mongolian #2
Voice Mona Marshall as Sheila Broflovski / Linda Stotch
Voice Eliza Schneider as Mrs. Tweak / Old Woman / Sharon Marsh / Mayor McDaniels / Liane Cartman
Voice Isaac Hayes as Chef
Notes Episode 11, Season 6 of South Park


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