A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation


Main Details
Premiere Date 1997-07-26
Alternative Titles
  • 小倩 (Chinese)
  • Xiao Qian
  • Chinese Ghost Story Xiao Qian
  • Little Pretty
  • A Chinese Ghost Story
Category Feature Film
Director Andrew Chan*
Writer (script) Tsui Hark
Voice Akira Ishida as Ning / A-nin (voice)
Voice Michael Donovan as Ning (voice)
Voice Jan Lamb as Ning (voice)
Voice Megumi Hayashibara as Xiaoquan / Sushin (voice)
Voice Don Brown as Red Beard (voice)
Voice Sammo Hung* as White Cloud (voice)
Voice Janyse Jaud as Siu Lan (voice)
Voice Eric Kot as Ten Miles (voice)
Voice Jordan Chan as Mountain Evil (voice)
Voice Ronald Cheng as Fu (voice)
Voice Kelly Chen as Madame Trunk (voice)
Voice Sylvia Chang as Shine (voice)
Voice Vivian Lai as Lan (voice)
Voice Tanya Hancheroff as Siu Seen (singing voice)
Voice Erin Fitzgerald as Additional Voices (voice)


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