Date with a Kidnapper


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Main Details
Premiere Date 1976
Alternative Titles Kidnapped Coed (English)
Kidnapped Co-Ed (English)
Kidnapped Lover (English)
House of Terror (English)
The Kidnapper (English)
Delirium House la casa del delirio (Italian)
Trouble (German)
Genres Exploitation, Drama, Crime, Romance
Credits Director: Frederick R. Friedel
Writer: Frederick R. Friedel
Cast: Jack Canon as Eddie Matlock
Cast: Leslie Rivers as Sandra Morely
Cast: Gladys Lavitan as Mrs. Matlock
Cast: Larry Lambeth as Hotel Clerk
Cast: Jim Blankinship as Bellhop
Cast: Charles Elledge as Old Farmer
Cast: Susan McRae as Daughter
Cast: Bob Martin as Man with Shotgun
Cast: Clonnie Baxter Strawn as Old Man in Chair
Cast: Skip Lundby as Blindman
Cast: Elizabeth Allan Burger as Birdwatcher - Lady Lush
Cast: Nancy Pselos as Blonde Barfly
Cast: Rusty Smith as Redheaded Barfly
Cast: Buck Kraft Sr. as Bartender
Cast: Mrs. Buck Kraft Sr. as Old Barfly
Cast: Larry Drake as Age Home Attendant
Cast: Pinckney Greene as Roadhouse Gangleader
Cast: Junious L. Leak as Gangmember
Cast: Marvin G. Crosland as Lookout
Cast: Jack Murray as Man at Bar
Cast: Carol Miller as Birdwatcher
Cast: Mary Hartford as Birdwatcher
Cast: Ron Campbell as Beggar
Cast: John Gibson as Barber
Cast: Shela May as Angry Mother
Cast: Kendall D. May as Son
Cast: Ronald Duvall Davis as Boy on Street
Cast: Helen Kaye as Mrs. Morley
Cast: Frederick R. Friedel as Mr. Morley
Producer: Frederick R. Friedel
Executive Producer: Irwin Friedlander
Music: George Newman Shaw
Music: John Willhelm
Director of Cinematography: Austin McKinney
Editor: Avrum M. Fine
Makeup Special Effects: Worth Keeter
Sound Assistant: Douglas L. Deal
Sound: Lloyd L. DeFrance
Sound: Don Jones
Camera Operator (second unit): Chris Allen
Camera Assistant: Phil Smoot
Script Girl: Caroline Batson
Associate to Producer: Nancy Durham
Script Consultant: Alan J. Pesin
Dedicatee: Adolph
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