The Seeds Of Doom


Main Details
Premiere Date 1976-01-31
Alternative Titles
  • Doctor Who: The Seeds Of Doom (English)
Category TV Episode
Director Douglas Camfield
Writer Robert Banks Stewart
Producer Philip Hinchcliffe
Script Editor Robert Holmes
Incidental Music Composer Geoffrey Burgon
Production Company British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Cast Tom Baker as The Doctor
Cast Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith
Cast Tony Beckley as Harrison Chase
Cast Kenneth Gilbert (2) as Richard Dunbar
Cast Michael Barrington as Sir Colin Thackeray
Cast Sylvia Coleridge as Amelia Ducat
Cast John Challis as Scorby
Cast Mark Jones (2) as Arnold Keeler
Cast Seymour Green as Hargreaves
Cast Michael McStay as Derek Moberley
Cast Hubert Rees as John Stevenson
Cast John Gleeson as Charles Winlett
Cast Ian Fairbairn as Doctor Chester
Cast John Acheson as Major Beresford
Cast Ray Barron as Sergeant Henderson
Cast Alan Chuntz as Chauffeur
Cast David Masterman as Guard Leader
Cast Harry Fielder as Guard
Voice Actor Mark Jones (2) as Krynoid
Production Assistant Graeme Harper


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