101 Dalmatians


Main Details
Premiere Date 1961-01-25
Alternative Titles
  • One Hundred and One Dalmatians (English)
  • 101 DalmatiĆ«rs (Dutch)
  • 101 Dalmatiens (French)
  • Pongo och de 101 dalmantinerna (Swedish)
Category Feature Film
Director Clyde Geronimi
Director Hamilton Luske
Director Wolfgang Reitherman
Writer Bill Peet
Writer Dodie Smith
Voice Actor Rod Taylor as Pongo
Voice Actor J. Pat O'Malley as Colonel
Voice Actor Betty Lou Gerson as Cruella De Vil
Voice Actor Martha Wentworth as Nanny
Voice Actor Ben Wright as Roger
Voice Actor Cate Bauer as Perdita
Voice Actor David Frankham as Sgt. Tibs
Voice Actor Frederick Worlock as Horace
Voice Actor Lisa Davis as Anita
Voice Actor Tom Conway as Quizmaster
Voice Actor Tudor Owen as Towser
Voice Actor George Pelling as Danny
Voice Actor Ramsay Hill as Television Announcer
Voice Actor Queenie Leonard as Princess
Notes Disney Classic no. 17


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