Call Girl


Main Details
Premiere Date 2007
Category Feature Film
Actress Soraia Chaves as Maria
Actor Ivo Canelas as Madeira
Actor Joaquim de Almeida as Mouros
Actor Nicolau Breyner as Carlos Meireles
Actress Ana Padrão as Inês
Director António-Pedro Vasconcelos
Notes Maria a sensual call girl, is hired by Mouros to seduce Meireles , the Mayor of Vilanova, so that he can authorize a multinational to build a high quality resort. However, Madeira and Neves, PJ police detectives, discover the evidence of corruption and begin to investigate Meireles. Everything becomes even more complex when Madeira finds out that Maria, the passion of his life, is the bait that will force the politician to give way.


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