Main Details
Premiere Date 1986-08-29
Directed By Paul Lynch
Screenplay By John Sheppard
Screenplay By Bryan McCann
Starring Jonathan Crombie as Matt Morris
Starring Janet-Laine Green as Jenny Morris
Starring Stephen Hunter as Clay Morris
Starring Dehl Berti as Will Crow
Starring Olivia d'Abo as Becky Cullen
Starring Bill Croft as Ben Cullen
Starring Bernie Coulson as Jimmy Cullen
Starring Adrien Dorval as Judd Cullen
Starring William Nunn as Jonah Cullen
Starring Thick Wilson as Sam Hogan
Starring Shay Garner as Maggie Sullivan
Starring Wayne Robson as Vern
Starring Ed Milaney as Frank Furlong
Starring Brock Simpson as Arnie Furlong
Starring LeRoy Shulz as Murray Sullivan
Starring Ernie Prentice as Fred Hobbs
Starring Beth Amos as Martha Hobbs
Starring Christianne Hirt as Girl Dancing In Bar
Associate Producer Ilana Frank
Executive Producer Peter Haley
Executive Producer, Producer Peter R. Simpson as Peter Simpson
Music By Paul Zaza
Cinematography By René Verzier
Notes When the Morris family moves to a small town and buys the grocery store, they anger the Cullen family. The Cullen family has bullied the whole town for years, and don't leave the Morris family out of it. When two kids from the families have a relationship, the harassment turns from petty to full on assault.


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