Epic Movie


Main Details
Premiere Date 2007
Edward Kal Penn
Peter Pervertski Adam Campbell
White Bitch Jennifer Coolidge
Lucy Jayma Mays
Susan Pervertski Faune Chambers Watkins as Faune Chambers
Willy Wonka Crispin Glover
Bink Tony Cox
Mr. Tumnus Hector Jimenez
Captain Jack Swallows Darrell Hammond
Mystique Carmen Electra
Aslo Fred Willard
Museum Curator David Carradine
Notes When four troubled orphans (from four different movies) become trapped in a bizarre chocolate factory, they escape to a magical world of fake snow and genuine sorcery. But in order to survive, they must join forces with pirates, wizards, and even a wise-but-horny lion in order to defeat the evil White Bitch!


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