The Take


Main Details
Premiere Date 2005-03-18
Category Feature Film
Director Avi Lewis
Writer Naomi Klein
Self Matilde Adorno as (worker)
Self Michel Camadessus
Self Bill Clinton as (archival footage)
Self Gustavo Cordera as (singer) (as Bersuit)
Self Freddy Espinoza as (president of La Forja)
Self Raul Godoy
Self Néstor Kirchner
Self Naomi Klein as (also narrator)
Self Avi Lewis as (also narrator)
Self Celia Martinez
Self Carlos Saúl Menem as (as Carlos Menem)
Self Lalo Paret as (activist)
Self Juan Domingo Perón as (archive footage)
Self Jorge Rimondi as (Judge)
Self Anoop Singh as (Director of the IMF's Western Hemisphere Department)


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