XPW - Freefall


Main Details
Premiere Date 2002-02-23
Category Other
Self Angel*
Self Chris Hamrick
Self D*
Self Evan Karagias
Self GQ Money*
Self Johnny Webb
Self Juventud Guerrera
Self Kaos*
Self Kevin Kleinrock
Self Lizzy Borden
Self Mosco de la Merced*
Self New Jack
Self NOSAWA Rongai
Self Pogo The Clown*
Self Psicosis*
Self Sandman*
Self Scott Snott
Self Steve Rizzono
Self Supreme
Self Veronica Caine*
Self Vic Grimes
Self Vinnie Massaro
Announcer Kris Kloss
Notes This is a professional wrestling event held by Xtreme Pro Wrestling at the Grand Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles, California.

Singles Match
Scott Snott vs. Vinny Massaro

Singles Match
Evan Karagias (w/Kevin Kleinrock & Preston Ascott III) vs. Psicosis

Singles Match
D vs. Pogo The Clown

XPW Television Title Gauntlet Match
Kaos (w/GQ Money & Veronica Caine) (c) vs. Angel vs. Chris Hamrick vs. Nosawa

Singles Match
Juventud Guerrera vs. Mosco de la Merced

Lumberjack Buck Naked Match
Lizzy Borden vs. Veronica Caine

Singles Match
Monkey vs. Steve Rizzono

XPW World Heavyweight Title Match
Johnny Webb (c) vs. GQ Money

XPW King Of The Death Matches Title Match
Supreme (c) vs. The Sandman

Freefall Match
New Jack vs. Vic Grimes


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