XPW: After The Fall


Main Details
Premiere Date 2006
Category Other
Self Abdullah The Butcher as Abdullah The Butcher
Self Axl Rotten as Axl Rotten
Self Chris Candido
Self Chris Chetti
Self Chris Hamrick
Self Christian York as Christian York
Self Damián 666 as Damián 666
Self Halloween as Halloween
Self John Williams (3) as Ian Rotten
Self Jerry Lynn
Self John Kronus
Self Johnny Grunge as Johnny Grunge
Self Johnny Webb as Johnny Webb
Self Julio Dinero as Julio Dinero
Self Justin Credible as Justin Credible
Self Juventud Guerrera as Juventud Guerrera
Self Joey Muñoz as Kid Kaos
Self Charles Ashenoff as Konnan
Self James Maritato as Little Guido
Self Lizzy Borden
Self Tylene Buck as Major Gunns
Self William C. Welch as Messiah
Self Gary Wolfe as Pitbull #1
Self Anthony Durante as Pitbull #2
Self Joe Applebaumer as Pogo The Clown
Self Dionicio Castellanos as Psicosis
Self Scott Levy as Raven
Self Rocco Rock as Rocco Rock
Self Terry Brunk as Sabu
Self James Fullington as Sandman
Self Shane Douglas as Shane Douglas
Self Simon Diamond as Simon Diamond
Self Steve Rizzono as Steve Rizzono
Self Super Crazy as Super Crazy
Self Supreme as Supreme
Self Terry Funk
Self Tracy Smothers
Self Vic Grimes


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