WWF - WrestleMania I


Main Details
Premiere Date 1985-03-31
Category Other
Self André the Giant as André The Giant
Self Barry Windham
Self Big John Studd as Big John Studd
Self Bob Orton Jr.
Self Bobby Heenan
Self Bruno Sammartino
Self Brutus Beefcake as Brutus Beefcake
Self Buddy Rose as The Executioner
Self Cyndi Lauper
Self David Sammartino
Self Fabulous Moolah as Fabulous Moolah
Self Freddie Blassie
Self Gene Okerlund
Self Gorilla Monsoon as Gorilla Monsoon
Self Greg Valentine as Greg Valentine
Self Howard Finkel
Self Hulk Hogan as Hulk Hogan
Self Iron Sheik as Iron Sheik
Self Jesse Ventura
Self Jimmy Hart
Self Jimmy Snuka
Self Johnny Valiant as Johnny Valiant
Self Junkyard Dog as Junkyard Dog
Self King Kong Bundy as King Kong Bundy
Self Leilani Kai as Leilani Kai
Self Lou Albano
Self Matt Osborne
Self Mike Rotunda as Mike Rotundo
Self Mr. T
Self Muhammad Ali
Self Nikolai Volkoff
Self Pat Patterson
Self Paul Orndorff
Self Ricky Steamboat as Ricky Steamboat
Self Roddy Piper as Roddy Piper
Self S.D. Jones as Special Delivery Jones
Self Tito Santana as Tito Santana
Producer Vince McMahon
Self Wendi Richter


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