WWF - WrestleMania V


Main Details
Premiere Date 1989-04-02
Category Other
Self George Gray (2) as Akeem
Self André the Giant
Self Arn Anderson
Self Bill Eadie as Ax
Self Bad News Brown
Self Sione Vailahi as Barbarian
Self Ray Traylor as Big Boss Man
Self Owen Hart as Blue Blazer
Self Bobby Heenan
Self Bret Hart
Self Steve Lombardi as Brooklyn Brawler
Self Brutus Beefcake
Self Butch Miller as Butch
Self Dino Bravo
Self Frenchy Martin
Self Greg Valentine
Self Hercules Hernandez
Self Wayne Farris as Honky Tonk Man
Self Hulk Hogan
Self Jacques Rougeau Jr.
Self Jake Roberts (2)
Self Jim Duggan
Self Jim Neidhart
Self Jimmy Hart
Self Tonga Fifita as King Haku
Self Luke Williams as Luke
Self Marty Jannetty
Self Harry Fujiwara as Mr. Fuji
Self Curt Hennig as Mr. Perfect
Self Randy Savage
Self Raymond Rougeau
Self Terry Taylor as Red Rooster
Self Rick Martel
Self Rick Rude
Self Ron Garvin as Ronnie Garvin
Self Shawn Michaels
Self Slick
Self Barry Darsow as Smash
Self Ted DiBiase Sr.
Self Tito Santana
Self Tully Blanchard
Self Ultimate Warrior
Self Virgil
Self Terry Szopinski as Warlord
Commentator Gorilla Monsoon
Commentator Jesse Ventura
Interviewer Gene Okerlund
Interviewer Sean Mooney
Interviewer Tony Schiavone
Ring Announcer Howard Finkel
Referee Dave Hebner
Referee Earl Hebner
Referee Freddie Sparta
Referee Joey Marella
Referee Tim White


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