WWF - WrestleMania X8


Main Details
Premiere Date 2002
Alternative Titles
  • WWF Wrestlemania 18 (Alternative Title)
Category Other
Director Kevin Dunn (2)
Self Dwayne Johnson as The Rock
Self Hulk Hogan
Self Chris Jericho
Self Paul Levesque as Triple H
Self William Regal as William Regal
Self Rob Van Dam*
Self Monty Sopp*
Self Chuck Palumbo as Chuck
Self Jeff Hardy
Self Matt Hardy
Self Bubba Ray Dudley
Self D-Von Dudley
Self Ron Simmons as Farooq
Self John Layfield as Bradshaw
Self Mark Calaway as The Undertaker
Self Ric Flair
Self Dallas Page
Self Jay Reso as Christian
Self Spike Dudley as Spike Dudley
Self Dustin Rhodes as Goldust
Self Amy Dumas as Lita
Self Trish Stratus
Self Carlene Moore as Jazz
Self Nora Greenwald as Mighty Molly
Self Shane Helms as The Hurricane
Self Al Snow
Self Charles Wright as The Godfather
Self Kurt Angle
Self Glenn Jacobs as Kane
Self Steve Austin
Self Scott Hall
Self Booker Huffman as Booker T
Self Adam Copeland as Edge
Self Kevin Nash
Self Stacy Keibler
Self Stephanie McMahon
Self Arn Anderson
Self Matt Bloom as Albert
Self Solofa Fatu as Rikishi
Self Ultimate Warrior as Ultimate Warrior archive footage
Selves Drowning Pool
Self Andrew Martin as Test
Self Lance Storm
Self Scott Taylor as Scotty Too Hotty
Self Paul London as Fan who attacked Ric Flair
Self Curt Hennig as Mr. Perfect
Selves Saliva
Producer Vince McMahon
Soundtrack Rob Zombie as "Never Gonna Stop"
Soundtrack Limp Bizkit as Rollin
Motion Caption Graphics Peter Castellano


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