Dr. Who And The Daleks


Main Details
Premiere Date 1965-08-23
Category Feature Film
Directed By Gordon Flemyng
Produced By Milton Subotsky
Produced By Max J. Rosenberg
Cast Peter Cushing as Dr. Who
Cast Roy Castle as Ian Chesterton
Cast Jennie Linden as Barbara
Cast Roberta Tovey as Susan
Cast Barrie Ingham as Alydon
Cast Michael Coles as Ganatus
Cast Yvonne Antrobus as Dyoni
Cast Geoffrey Toone as Temmosus
Cast John Bown as Antodus
Cast Mark Petersen (2) as Elyon
Cast Ken Garady as Thal
Cast Nicholas Head as Thal
Cast Mike Lennox as Thal
Cast Jack Waters as Thal
Cast Virginia Tyler as Thal
Cast Jane Lumb as Thal
Cast Bruce Wells as Thal
Cast Martin Grace as Thal
Cast Sharon Young as Thal
Cast Gary Wyler as Thal
Cast Michelle Scott as Thal Child
Cast Bruno Castagnoli as Dalek Operator
Cast Mick Dillon as Dalek Operator
Cast Bryan Hands as Dalek Operator
Cast Robert Jewell as Dalek Operator
Cast Kevin Manser as Dalek Operator
Cast Eric McKay as Dalek Operator
Cast Len Saunders as Dalek Operator
Cast Gerald Taylor as Dalek Operator
Voice David Graham as Daleks
Voice Peter Hawkins as Daleks


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