The Last Performance


Main Details
Premiere Date 1929-10-13
Alternative Titles
  • The Last Call (English (UK))
  • Erik le mystérieux (French)
  • Illusion (German)
  • Doktor Gift (German (Austria))
  • Az utolsó előadás (Hungarian)
  • Erik il grande (Italian)
  • Magia roja (Spanish)
  • Farlig makt (Swedish)
Category Feature Film
Director Paul Fejos*
Screenplay James Ashmore Creelman
Story James Ashmore Creelman
Titles Walter Anthony
Titles Tom Reed
Cast Conrad Veidt as Erik the Great
Cast Mary Philbin as Julie Ferguon
Cast Leslie Fenton as Buffo Black
Cast Fred MacKaye as Mark Royce
Cast Eddie Boland as Agent
Cast Anders Randolf as Agent
Cast Sam De Grasse as District Attorney
Cast Gustav Paros* as Theatre Manager
Cast William H. Turner as Booking Agent
Cast George Irving as Defense Attorney
Cast Walter Brennan as Clown
Music By Sam Perry
Cinematography By Hal Mohr
Film Editing By Edward L. Cahn
Film Editing By Robert Carlisle
Film Editing By Robert Jahns
Art Direction by Charles D. Hall
Art Direction by Thomas F. O'Neill
Supervisor Carl Laemmle Jr.
Presenter Carl Laemmle
Production Company Jewel*
Distributor Universal Pictures
Notes A middle-aged magician is in love with his beautiful young assistant. She, on the other hand, is in love with the magician's young protege, who turns out to be a bum and a thief.


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