Curse of the Krumm


Main Details
Premiere Date 1994-11-12
Category TV Episode
Created By Gabor Csupo
Created By Peter Gaffney
Director Andrei Svislotski
Written By Bruce Kalish
Voice Charles Adler as Ickis / Thornk
Voice Christine Cavanaugh as Oblina / Child
Voice David Eccles as Krumm / Horvak
Voice Gregg Berger as The Gromble / Marty
Voice Joel Brooks as Barker / Elderly onster
Voice Elizabeth Daily as P.A. / Wardrobe
Voice Scott LaRose as Schvitz / Man
Voice Sheryl Lee as Actress
Voice George Segal as J.B.
Voice Loren Lester as Camera #2 / Monster #2 / 3-Eyes / Blorp 1+3
Voice Neal McDonough as Camera #1 / Monster #1
Voice Kath Soucie as Blorp 2+4 / Woman
Notes Part 1 of Episode 3 of Season 1 of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters


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