Main Details
Premiere Date 1983-02-04
Category Feature Film
Director David Cronenberg
Writer David Cronenberg
Starring James Woods as Max Renn
Starring Sonja Smits as Bianca O'Blivion
Starring Debbie Harry as Nicki Brand
Starring Peter Dvorsky as Harlan
Starring Jack Creley as Brian O'Blivion


TekstaMembrain posted 8 months ago:

The best movie ever made. Not even 2001: A Space Odyssey beats this (even though its pretty close).

I should also add this story, some Vietnamese child joined my discord server once and began annoying me with home media version of this movie when he learned this was my favorite film.

TekstaMembrain replied 8 months ago:

also should add the fact that my dad once saw this and I asked him how it was and he just replied Fucked up movie.

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