The Attitude Era: Volume 1


Main Details
Premiere Date 2012-11-20
Category Other
Directed By Kevin Dunn (2)
Self Mick Foley as Mankind / Dude Love / Mick Foley
Self Mark Henry
Self Paul Wight as The Big Show
Self Brian Girard James as Jesse James
Self Paul Levesque as Triple H
Self Sean Waltman as X-Pac
Self Shawn Michaels
Self Rena Lesnar as Sable
Self Marc Mero
Self Steve Williams
Self Bart Gunn
Self Steve Austin
Self Mark Calaway as The Undertaker
Self Glenn Jacobs as Kane
Self Dwayne Johnson as The Rock
Self Owen Hart
Self Billy Gunn
Self Ken Shamrock
Self Jeff Jarrett
Self D'Lo Brown
Self Chyna
Self Jim Ross
Self Charles Wright as The Godfather
Self Scott Taylor as Scotty 2 Hotty
Self Brian Lawler as Grandmaster Sexy
Self Crash Holly
Self Hardcore Holly
Self Chris Jericho
Self Eddie Guerrero
Self Solofa Fatu as Rikishi
Self Sean Morley as Val Venis
Self D-Von Dudley
Self Bubba Ray Dudley
Self Jeff Hardy
Self Matt Hardy
Self Adam Copeland as Edge
Self Jay Reso as Christian
Self Shane McMahon
Self Al Snow
Self Amy Dumas as Lita
Self Perry Saturn
Self Dean Malenko
Self Kurt Angle
Self Shaggy 2 Dope
Self Violent J
Self Charles Warrington as Mosh
Self Glenn Ruth as Thrasher
Self Butterbean
Self Mike Tyson
Special Guests ZZ Top
Producer Vince McMahon


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