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Main Details
Premiere Date 1950
Alternative Titles Золушка (Russian)
Genres Animation, Fantasy, Musical, Romance
Sub-genres Family
Credits Director: Clyde Geronimi
Director: Wilfred Jackson
Director: Hamilton Luske
Writer: Charles Perrault
Writer: Bill Peet
Writer: Erdman Penner
Writer: Ted Sears
Writer: Winston Hibler
Writer: Homer Brightman
Writer: Harry Reeves
Writer: Ken Anderson
Writer: Joe Rinaldi
Writer: Maurice Rapf
Voice Actor: Ilene Woods as Cinderella
Voice Actor: Eleanor Audley as Lady Tremaine
Voice Actor: Verna Felton as Fairy Godmother
Voice Actor: Rhoda Williams as Drizella
Voice Actor: James MacDonald as Jaq
Voice Actor: Luis Van Rooten as King
Voice Actor: Don Barclay as Doorman
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