Paura Nella Città Dei Morti Viventi


Main Details
Premiere Date 1980
Alternative Titles
  • City Of The Living Dead (English)
  • The Gates Of Hell (English (US))
  • Eine Leiche Hängt Am Glockenseil (German)
  • Ein Zombie Hing Am Glockenseil (German (Video))
  • Ein Kadaver Hing Am Glockenseil (German (Video))
  • Frayeurs (French)
  • Staden Med Levande Döda (Swedish)
Category Feature Film
Director Lucio Fulci
Writer Lucio Fulci
Writer Dardano Sacchetti
Actor Christopher George as Peter Bell
Actor Catriona MacColl as Mary Woodhouse
Actor Carlo De Mejo as Gerry
Actor Antonella Interlenghi as Emily Robbins
Actor Giovanni Lombardo Radice as Bob
Actor Daniela Doria as Rosie Kelvin
Actor Fabrizio Jovine as Father William Thomas
Actor Luca Venantini as John-John Robbins
Actor Michele Soavi as Tommy Fisher
Actor Venantino Venantini as Mr. Ross
Actor Enzo D'Ausilio as Sheriff Russell's deputy
Actor Adelaide Aste as Theresa
Actor Luciano Rossi as Policeman
Actor Robert Sampson as Sheriff Russell
Actor Janet Ågren as Sandra
Music By Fabio Frizzi
Notes Catriona MacColl is credited as Katherine Mac Coll on the original film poster.


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