Main Details
Premiere Date 1996
Alternative Titles
  • Kopfgeld - Einer wird bezahlen (German)
  • Okup (Polish)
Category Feature Film
Directed By Ron Howard
Story By Richard Maibaum
Story By Cyril Hume
Screenplay Richard Price
Screenplay Alexander Ignon
Director of photography Piotr SobociƄski
Music By James Horner
Starring Mel Gibson as Tom Mullen
Starring Rene Russo as Kate Mullen
Starring Brawley Nolte as Sean Mullen
Starring Gary Sinise as Det. Jimmy Shaker
Starring Delroy Lindo as Agent Lonnie Hawkins
Starring Lili Taylor as Maris Conner
Starring Liev Schreiber as Clark Barnes
Starring Donnie Wahlberg as Cubby Barnes
Starring Evan Handler as Miles Roberts
Starring Dan Hedaya as Jackie Brown


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