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5 Dolls For An August Moon


Main Details
Premiere Date 1970
Alternative Titles 5 bambole per la luna d'agosto (Italian)
L'Île De L'Epouvante (French)
Genres Thriller
Sub-genres Giallo
Credits Director, Film Editor: Mario Bava
Screenwriter, Screen Story Writer: Mario di Nardo
Producer: Luigi Alessi
Cinematographer: Antonio Rinaldi
Composer: Piero Umiliani
: William Berger as professor Fritz Farrel
: Ira von Fürstenberg as Trudy Farrel
: Edwige Fenech as Marie Chaney
: Maurice Poli as Nick Chaney
: Howard Ross as Jack Davidson
: Ely Galleani as Isabel
: Mauro Bosco as Jacques
: Teodoro Corrà as George Stark
: Helena Ronee as Peggy Davidson
: Edith Meloni as Jill Stark
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