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Main Details
Premiere Date 1986
Genres Crime
Credits Directed By: Franciszek Trzeciak
Screenplay: Franciszek Trzeciak
Director of Photography: Maciej Kijowski
Music By: Wojciech Konikiewicz
Cast: Robert Inglot as Janusz
Cast: Andrzej Krucz as Marek
Cast: Andrzej Żółkiewski as Militiaman
Cast: Zdzisław Kuźniar as Commander
Cast: Bruno O’Ya as Scandinavian
Cast: Janusz Kłosiński as Store manager
Cast: Brygida Bziukiewicz as Jola
Cast: Jacek Lech as Robert
Cast: Franciszek Trzeciak as Hostage
Cast: Andrzej Grąziewicz as Doctor
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