I've not been treating it as part of the catalogue number, as on the rear covers (above the barcode) the Z1 is replaced by D0.

Also this Z1 doesn't seem to relate to any label in particular.

I see many people have been adding it as part of the catalogue number.

I haven't properly fleshed this document out, I probably should do at some point, but this is how I interpret it:

The Z1 DXXXXX is the part number of the sleeve, above the barcode is the actual catalog number which is the same as the DXXXXX number.

So the number above the barcode is always the catalog number? But what if there's no number above the barcode? Benelux Disney dvd's have no number above the barcode. There is a code on the spine. It starts with Z7. Could it be that the Z-code is EU sub-region code?

That could be the case. Sadly most of the releases I have encountered are UK releases.

Hopefully in time with enough data added we can start to see some patterns to help work out what means what

Well, I've partly sussed it out. You see, with UK distributors that handle DVDs the Z1 is never quoted as part of the catalogue number. But that's because it's a country code.

Known Warner Z country codes...

Z1 = UK/Ireland
Z2 =
Z3 =
Z4 = Spain
Z5 = Germany
Z6 =
Z7 = France
Z8 = Italy
Z9 = Netherlands
Z10 = Belgium
Z11 = Sweden
Z12 = Norway
Z13 = Denmark
Z14 = Finland
Z15 = Poland
Z16 = Hungary
Z17 = Portugal
Z18 = Russia
Z19 =
Z20 = Germany (rental)
Z21 = UK/Ireland (rental)
Z22 =
Z23 = Czechoslovakia
Z24 =
Z25 =
Z26 = Slovenia
Z27 = Bosnia
Z28 =
Z29 = Croatia
Z30 =
Z31 = Switzerland

Z38 = Greece

ZL = Mexico
ZP = Brazil

So the cat. no. on the spine is the catalog number, but without the Z code. Should the z code be added separately as a country code?

Should the z code be added separately as a country code?

I've just done that here: https://www.filmo.gs/release/120433-Blow-Up

Works okay for me.

Don't think the details in that Wiki pointed to by sound.and.vision are exactly correct. No evidence is quoted. Z1 is clearly the UK & Ireland country code.

As to "Part Numbers" - not so. "Blow Up" has N4/Z1 on the disc, which cannot be a part number. All such things are identifiers for the industry to use internally and identify different versions. The big problem is that there are no guides for us to use. No idea what the N4 could mean :(

On 20th Century Fox they use a different system:
F1-SGB = British
F2-SES = Spanish

I would guess the F# is main language and S## is clearly country. Almost everyone includes those in the catalogue number, so may the Z# codes should be too?

Interesting! There should be a wiki link for these.

Ultimathulerecords - a part number is used internally. Not an industry standard, but specific to a company.

Add both to catalog number with Z1 and without as you do on discogs too on different numbers on cover and label.

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