Hello All,

I'm starting to get used to Filmogs and had a few suggestions.

  1. A page for every release in the same style as the artist page on Discogs. We would have categories of formats like Discogs has for format (album, etc.) without the need for master release. This way we as Discog users can navigate with much more ease with a familiar aesthetic.

  2. The actor/artist pages would also be like the film pages except for the format function. All titles will be related to the film links and never a format link. Artist info would be the same as Discogs like the real name but include DOB (date of birth), POB (place of birth) and general info (no gossip please!).

  3. In the format page there should be a field for technical errors and Easter eggs. I suppose you could add the latter to notes but this is really a technical addition just as the error is a subtraction so to speak.

  4. A link to YouTube/Vimeo videos of trailers/scenes. Some titles have complete films available to watch via said webistes but maybe that should be entered depending on what the Filmogs brass thinks. Positively NO interviews, EPKs, red carpet BS! No! NO!!!

  5. Country of manufacture for releases not film. This will have a dropdown list for regional coding.

  6. Rating films and rating technical quality of releases. Films would have a 5 star review system like Discogs and the latter would have a 5 star system for 4 categories: Video; Audio; Extras and Packaging.

  7. And lastly and most importantly: Ability to add to collection. I have a shload of DVD and VHS to add and I don't want to really want to start adding them into I am able to them to a collection. The whole point of this site is for collectors. If I wanted to view a database of films I'd go to that OTHER website...

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to contribute more than this to Filmogs!


PS: I realize that #7 was discussed in a prior post but I just wanted to add it in for emphasis!

PSPS: I forgot to add marketplace which I also read in another post being mentioned but wanted to emphasize again with this post.


E-mails vs. mailbox. Because I received a lot of Filmogs e-mails each day, I turned out my e-mail notification. The problem is that I can't check the changes that were made. I already had a problem, that a new user changed my release submission from dutch to canadian release). I saw the mail and restored the original submission and notified the user to make a new submission for the canadian release.

For this kind of problems the e-mails were nice, but lately there are to much e-mails. Is it possible to make a mailbox at my account like Discogs (messages). Then I can check the changes from that box?

(Hope you understand the problem, English is not my mother language)


@remco2502: building a messaging system is not on our immediate roadmap. I think digest emails would serve a lot of people well to. Get one email a day/week/month with all the updates to the items you are following.

If you can tweak the list of things you are notified about at: https://www.filmo.gs/my/following
Though that is pretty unwieldy for big contributors.

@EK_: The CIP has been discussed before (numerous times). Implementing one for Filmogs is not something we plan on doing.

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