For developers - please consider for "Premiere Date" - DATE, COUNTRY, and FREE TEXT fields. (EXAMPLE - 2003-01-18; USA; Sundance Film Festival)

Maybe a stupid idea, but put the year/month/date in the right order. I am from the Netherlands and we use day/mont/year and I admit that sometimes I use that order. I know it's wrong but it is for me the normal way. So from now I try to put it in the right order.

Same in Germany, remco2502, but entered dates the international way as EK_ suggested a short time ago. Even better would be a predefined field for release date (like in discogs) and country.

ISO 8601

From now on I am also enter it as the international way, but maybe a dropdown or something like that, would be easier.

Good suggestion, I approve for those who are devoted to dates. I am not, but excellent suggestion.

Barry I think dates are useful in the future if we want to sort films by their premiere date.

It makes it much less of a headache if the backend DB uses the pre-defined date field type:
For example outlined here for MySQL database - if one want to take the time to sort every date per country that is fine.

It is so rare (actually unaware of any) that two films with the same name come out the same year.

Hence in my opinion, if one want to add a film and just put the year of the premiere it is fine. Unless one find a precedent of what I mentioned above I would suggest a detailed date.

Didn't want to re-start the whole date format thing again. I was simply throwing it out to the developers three fields would make the Premiere data much nicer:

[DATE] [COUNTRY] [Free Text]

Sounds good EK_

bump for visibility

I agree that it would be nice to have multiple premiere/release dates for the different countries, festivals, etc.

There definitely should be a dedicated field for the releasyear.
Just like on Discogs.
I also don’t understand why there are so less details shown when looking through the releases of a film.

<pre>FILM is the abstract description of the visual work. This includes data like the title, the actors, director and so on. Think of Film as a master, unifying version under which each physical release is categorized. RELEASE is the physical manifestation of the film, for example, the DVD. It includes things like the companies that released it, the catalog number, and so on. There can be many releases per film. Also, one release can contain multiple films, for example, the Star Wars box set. </pre>

??? I think you got me wrong here.
I know the difference of a film and a release.
I was talking about the details from EACH release listed under a film.
Theres absolutely no info except of the name and the format.
The releases are also sorted alphabetically which doesnr make any sense.
So ATLEAST a releaseyear would be nice....and this would only work if there’s a dedicated field for it in the RELEASE submission form.

Simple misunderstanding. Apologies.

In my opinion, organizing releases on FILM page by the country item was released in, then year, would be cool.

No problem ;)
+1 for country and year field

+2 for country and year in search card.

This would make locating releases so much clearer.

+3 on this.

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