List of dublicate releases:

I think the 1st one should be right


Fixed those subs, thanks Marco717 and EK_

I found this one (but don't own a copy):

The second one is much more complete but the Identification numbers/specs are the same.

Hello folks,

I've got another duplicate listing. This one is the film Whiplash. (keep this one) (delete this one)


Sorry, I made a dupe...

Sorry, added a duplicate of this

I've got another duplicate listing. This one is the film Whiplash.

Those are not duplicates. The second one is for the original short film.


Merged all of those. Thanks for the heads up.

Regarding above.

There is not enough info with release @144999 to determine if it is identical to release 148410.

If you know anything about Criterion Collection, there are often represses (DVD sets) that are different from original editions - with identical identification codes.

I've left a comment on the duplicate, but I wouldn't be holding my breath.

But anyway, I don't think we should keep releases just because they might be different. Users should provide the differentiating information. Even the guidelines say that "In order for [unique objects] to be accepted, you must provide enough information to distinguish the different versions of a object."

I mean otherwise we might as well keep every single submission with non-sufficient info just because it might be different. There should be at least some sort of indication of the differences.


Merged, thanks oteis.



User error! Duplicated original when attempting to "Add One Like This"

fixed, thanks oteis and EK_
Not a duplicate, but there is something wrong with it.

fixed, thanks for the heads up kwulf

merged, thanks BadMoon

the former is the correct title

merged thanks sixandnine

140347 has more info, both the same Criterion release

should be merged to 278873

283217 has more info

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