This may have been asked elsewhere but I was curious if there are any plans for a filmogs app like the discogs app? Been using discos for awhile and I love it for my music collection. Would love the same thing for my movie collection.

Thanks for any info.

One will probably come along in due course, not yet though - there are other bigger issues to address before app devleopment

this really would help me inventorise the dvds

Thanks for the enthusiasm for an app. As says, it's not in our immediate plans as there are a lot of things we'd like to add to the current desktop version first, but hopefully somewhere down the line an app will be possible.

Add my vote for a future app (Android) Have had fun scanning in my music collection on discogs. Offline I've always kept folders of DVD cover images to keep track of my collection and choose what to watch but it really is fun scanning those barcodes :)

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