Notice formats VHS and Blu-ray?

The EAN is for a VHS edition. Why is there a 2-Disc Blu-ray listed in the FORMAT?

This should be deleted as there is already a

One is a spanish or something film international i remember watching it, and reviewing it, though the release looks different to the one i watche i watched one from the 70s.

With soledad Miranda in it. tge version i watched reference wiki

In the notes there is mention about the Blu-ray, but EAN is VHS. There's something wrong with this submission. And never saw a combo pack VHS/BR :-)

That is what I was writing about.

There was a blue ray version of it made in 2013 though it was one single disc not a combo.

I agree with remco2502 - as far as I know there was never a Blu/VHS combo. I believe the user misunderstood the notes from the Severin site (and which probably propigated down to Amazon) that one of the cuts is "Las Vampiras – Alternate Spanish Language VHS Version With Optional English Subtitles". The actual release is a Blu/DVD combo! The entry also refers to a UK price, so I assume that this was the UK release. As far as I know (and as pgfhgaming wrote) a 2-disc combo was never released in the UK, only a single disc. The 2-disc version was US only - I could be wrong though.

Another thing, the user refers to the release containing the "Cut UK Version". According to the BBFC and melonfarmers this film was never cut in the UK. I own the single disc UK Severin Blu-ray and I'm pretty sure it isn't cut either! I'll try and check my disc when I get home.

I don't believe the entry needs deleting as much as some heavy editing. I could do this seeing as I own the release in question, or at least I think it's the one I have and not the US 2-disc version. As I said, I'll check the barcode when I get home.

Probably the new user copied the VHS entry (add one like this) and added Blu-ray info without removing the VHS data.

@EK_: Ah yes, I didn't notice that. Even the barcode and cat # have been copied over!

The movie V/H/S/2 is being released as a VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray combo.

Provide link please.

(NOTE: Original movie in question - Vampyros Lesbos)

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