Hi, sorry if I dup some of them, but I couldn't find the search function in the forum.

It would be great if the next elements have a predefined values list in the form instead to be free text (at least if some common formats is selected before, like DVD, VHS, etc.). If fearing about any unknown value, let input a new one:

  • Aspect ratio
  • Color
  • Color Encoding System
  • Audio
  • Languages
  • Subtitles

It would be great to be able to specify how many chapters are in a DVD without title (even without duration)

And the run time could be 'Run time (minutes)', for example. It's so ugly to find the same data in different releases with different punctuations (min, mins, mins., minutes...)

Same idea for Comicogs.


hey Bronxio. Thanks for the feedback and ideas. We have heard some of them before and indeed a "select box prepopulated with the most common options but the possibility to add free text" is a component we hope to add to the submission form soon. Stay tuned!

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