Recently some sub-genres, like "Marvel Cinematic Universe" and "Superhero" were added to movies. In my opinion these are not genres, like to know how you think about it.

Agreed on the first. It's overly specific, and not at all practical in regards to this specific site, a general films website, not one centered around superhero franchises.

I don't agree with you fully on the second as a sub-genre. It's a broad enough descriptor that it seems workable. The only issue I have is that it's open to abuse/misuse, due to a lack of set naming standards.

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I think superhero is a sub genre.

Marvel Cinematic Universe is not. I think Wikipedia is spot on. “The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is an American media franchise and shared universe that is centered on a series of superhero films.”

I agree with oteis. The superhero film is certainly a sub-genre of fantasy/SF. Yet a franchise is separate again. Otherwise we could list James Bond or Star Wars, and Universal Monsters as subgenres.

On the question of Genre. Can we have Music and Music Video as genres please? Something in me hurts when I have to list concert films as documentary, then add a subgenre. And it hurts more when it comes to music video!

Can we have Music and Music Video as genres please?

Music and Performance should be a genre. Performance would cover non-music arts as well, like Ballet, theater, etc.

I agree, Music and Performance is a good one

It can be argued that Music Video is a form all of its own. As the website EK_ links to seems to suggest. It is not purely promo, not only performance, not completely pre-produced (scripted) like shorts; though frequently carrying much of each of these.

For example, there are numerous examples of visual settings of pre-existing music by short filmmakers that are not music video. See Len Lye, Oscar Fishinger etc for examples. What makes these 'settings' not 'music video' is that they are not selling a particular artist in their construction and subsequent use. That promo facility is key to music video - but it gets complicated when music acts started releasing whole albums on DVD. Still usable as promos, yet they are also unique works in themselves.

Indeed, it has been suggested there are what might be called subgenres within music video, performance being one of them, alongside narrative and concept. Andrew Goodwin argues as much in 'Dancing in the Distraction Factory', his book on music video. Certain music genres / subcultures favour certain visual styles and narrative tropes - see how performance elements might increase in rock music video as opposed to (e.g.) dance music, which can be more concept driven and/or displace the performance onto depiction of an audience dancing.

However, Music and Performance as a genre would be a start...

As far as i know these are not genres right??
• National Film Registry
• Crossdressing

I really should spend more time on the forums. :)

I'm the person/jerkface who's been adding the various sub-genre tags. I agree that none of these should be genres, but should the sub-genre tags not be wide open? Is "Franchise" the dividing line?

As for "National Film Registry", I thought, similar to say, "Neo Noir" or "Blaxploitation" or "Silent Film", there should be a user-defined link to all films in the NFR. If the user base disagrees, no offense taken, but it makes sense to me as a viewer.

TL;DR: IMHO genres should be very clearly defined, sub-genres should be infinite and broad.

The National Film Registry (NFR) is the United States National Film Preservation Board's (NFPB) selection of films deserving of preservation. (Wikipedia)

This is not a genre or sub genre. This is all about preserving American film history. If a movie is added to the NFR, it can be put in notes or/and add a link to the page on the NFR website.

As for “Crossdressing”. I think it’s arguably as a sub genre. As far as the film Some Like It Hot where it was added. The fact that man dress up as woman doesn’t make it a “Crossdressing” film. It could be applicable on other films though.

Oteis, I think we're just at different opinions on this. I can see your point about holding to a narrow definition of sub-genre. I'd argue that, since it's a searchable user-defined field, we should, at this "early" stage, be open to any addition under the sub-genre field. Why SHOULDN'T someone be able to reference any Marvel Cinematic Universe film, or films from India, via the sub-genre field?

I'll leave it to our fine mods to point what direction we should take this going forward.

Neither NFR nor crossdressing are generic. Other than switching clothes, where is the generic consistency between 'Fantastic Woman' and 'Some Like it Hot'? Or between 'Morocco' and 'Jules et Jim'?

I suggest that with both examples there is confusion between genre and general tagging, (or keywords as they are called on IMDb).

Perhaps that is what is required here, a tag field.

As nouns the difference between genre and trope is that genre is a kind; a stylistic category or sort, especially of literature or other artworks while trope is (literature) something recurring across a genre or type of literature, such as the ‘mad scientist’ of horror movies or ‘once upon a time’ as an introduction to fairy tales similar to archetype and but not necessarily pejorative.

Why SHOULDN'T someone be able to reference any Marvel Cinematic Universe film, or films from India, via the sub-genre field?

Because those are not sub-genres. The MCU is a franchise. Country of origin is a location.

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