The following list contains films which were put on the "Index" (German indiziert) by the BPjS/BPjM, and therefore have legal restrictions in Germany on top of possible FSK ratings. (Note: Since April 2003, it's known as BPjM; before that date it was known as BPjS)

It is illegal to sell or make any indexed films available to minors in Germany and it is illegal to advertise for them in any form, including putting them on store shelves or publishing reviews. The films technically disappear from the public. The only way to actually buy these films is via request ("under the desk", German unter der Ladentheke).

There is, however, absolutely no law forbidding any adult to buy an indexed film listed on the so-called List A or List E (majority of entries). There are restrictions for List B indexed films as they (may) violate the German Penal Code (minority of entries). To view List B films that got banned due to excessive violence, see the Germany Criminal Code confiscations (ยง131: Excess Violence) below.


This list is for all indexed films, whether they are currently on the list or were in the past. To see the status (date of adding and, if applicable, date of removal), look at the corresponding entries of the films in question.

Unless stated otherwise, the films in question are the German versions of the particular film or a foreign release.

All compilations, Special Editions or other bundles containing an indexed film are automatically indexed too, but not explicitly listed here.

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