Checking the front page, I see a lot of Leprechaun films were recently added. The Leprechaun films are all part of a larger franchise. It might be a nice feature to be able to directly connect them somehow.

In an effort to appeal to the marketplace sellers and website accountants lurking here, consider that it makes it that much easier for people browsing franchise titles to potentially buy multiple franchise entries from one or more sellers via a single franchise junction page, which makes them go "Oh, I didn't know there was a Lepprechaun 666: Satan's Shillelagh; I have expendable income to throw away on moronic crap!", or at least motivate them to snap up a few additional entries.

Might it require a new page type? A "Franchise" page? With items linked via film pages, and listed chronologically? Is that just making things unnecessarily messy, or even worse, over-complicating an already incomplete site that's still hammering out a lot of its kinks? Would a franchise page bee too limited in its purpose to justify it? Is there a smarter way to implement something like this?

I think it'd be a "fun" feature of the site, but I don't have any major arguments in favor of it, except that I like the idea, and I am more apt to buy films here than to sell them.

I like the idea. The idea to add 'series' as a feature has been floating around for a while. This was mainly suggested for keeping TV seasons and episodes together but it could also work for a franchise, keeping sequels and prequels together.

Shouldn't be that much of a problem, a feature like this is already established on bookogs as a credit with both, series & franchise, as an option.
Some examples:

Bumping this, since I've had a number of forum and private discussions about this topic in recent weeks.

There could be some workarounds for the TV Series//Episodes issue how the database is currently set up.

The franchise thing wouldn't be as simple as the Leprechaun example given.

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