I wasn't certain of how to add sports as 'films' since there aren't a whole lot of examples on filmogs yet and I couldn't find a forum thread about it.
How I've done it is ' _ vs. _ , dd/mm/yyyy'.
If anyone has any suggestions for how to format I'd be happy to make the changes, like, if the date should be in the title or not.
I also understand that how this would work would depend on the sporting event.
Motorsports for example wouldn't work with 'vs.' part, of if someone had an Olympics DVD, perhaps the whole event should be the film rather than individual events within the Olympics.
I only have the one sports release so this doesn't concern me too much, but I know there's heaps of sports releases out there so it'd be good to establish the best way to add them.

Does that DVD contain the full match? If so then I would say yes the match needs to be added as a film.

I have a number of motorsport style videos (most with film entries):

I have a few actual motorsport videos but I haven't completed the film entries for them just yet.

I think it really has to come down to a case-by-case basis. If the release contains highlights (i.e. the match/championship/race/event has been re-edited) then that is a film on its own, however if the release contains a full match/championship etc. in full then that is a film of its own)

oh and i think this is the only other sports release I have added:

Is professional wrestling a sport or entertainment?

I'd say professional wrestling is performing arts since it's choreographed drama but I've noticed it always tends to be included in the sports section of a video library or movie store.

Greco-Roman wrestling - sport.
Oil, Mud or Jell-O™ wrestling - entertainment.

Now that I think about it - Oil, Mud and/or Jell-O™ wrestling CAN have rules and a clear-cut victor. My favorite, the competitor that is stripped of her bikini loses.

Maybe it is a sport?

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