We’re currently working on a project to get more links to and from Discogs and Filmogs. There are already quite a few Discogs artist pages that link to their corresponding Filmogs page, and vice versa, which is great.

We don’t yet have the tools or resources to fully automate our linking, so we’re doing it manually. If you’d like to get involved with this project, here’s a spreadsheet (sorry, it's a Google doc) where you can find likely links and check them off as they’re added: Discogs to Filmogs - Suggested Links

Please note, some of these might not be an exact match, so please double check the links before submitting. Have at it!

Getting more links between Discogs and Filmogs has already been great in helping music fans discover more about their favorite artists and find films and clips by, about, or related to them. We’d love to really strengthen that connection between Discogs and Filmogs and create the ultimate data source for music fans. Thanks for helping us out.

Any way to make the entries easier to search in the spreadsheet?

Yeah, apologies it does get a bit cluttered in the spreadsheet.

But you should be able to search the spreadsheet by going to Edit > Find and replace or using the shortcut Ctrl + f (its + f if you are on a Mac)

More documentation on the spreadsheets find functionality

Roy Meadows (last entry on spreadsheet) - is this the same person as discogs entry?!


One was in a Batman movie in 1966 and the other was making gangsta rap in 2010 so I would imagine that this is just a name match and not the same person no :) This is why we need the human verification. Thanks EK_

Having the 'add link' option on release pages now means you can link releases to discogs too which is pretty handy, especially for those CD+DVD sets.

I've add a few more lines, i'll do the work too ;D hehe

So far:

Tatyana Ali
Britney Spears (just marked off)
Geri Halliwell
Mel Blanc
Fatboy Slim
Too Short
Kurtis Blow
Da Brat
Grandmaster Caz
Chuck D

I'm also importing the URL's from Discogs over to Filmogs - get that SEO working, if that still applies (not sure haven't looked into SEO in years!)

DJ Scratch
Busta Rhymes
Senen Reyes
Master P
Keith Murray
Method Man
Craig Mack
Mack 10
Ras Kass
Wyclef Jean
Lauryn Hill
Heavy D
MC Eiht
Dr. Dre
Sean Combs
Phife Dawg
Adario Strange
Tupac Shakur
Erick Sermon

Two with spellings that don't match - probably could do with being changed on the Filmogs Side
The Notorious BIG
Filmogs: https://www.filmo.gs/credit/39960-the-notorious-b-i-g
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/artist/65049-Notorious-BIG

Filmogs: https://www.filmo.gs/credit/39954-l-v
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/artist/150433-LV

David Lynch
Angelo Badalamenti
David Jason
Nicholas Lyndhurst
Hugh Laurie
Stephen Fry
Jesse Spencer
Omar Epps
Robin Williams
John Powell
Meat Loaf

Nice one sound.and.vision thanks for adding all those links!

We've had almost 200 links added from Discogs to Filmogs credit pages in the past week - that's a lot more than we could have achieved on our own. That takes our total number of links up to around 500
Thanks a lot for the great work here, we'll have all these credits fully linked in no time :)

I've just linked the following artists on both Filmogs and Discogs:

Phil Collins
Peter Gabriel
David Gilmour
Bryan Adams
Billy Joel
Jimmy Page
Dire Straits
Bill Cosby (Don't ask me why I did his, but I did...)
Jan Hammer

Great, thanks U2Streets

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