I just joined filmogs. To avoid any future errors, I'd like to ask if these credit lists are still up to date:

They haven't been updated in three years, so I was wondering if some new accepted credits or other additions are missing. Based on the few films & releases I've added, I've found the need for the following credits and I'd like to know if adding them is ok.

Company credits:
- Marketing By
- Production Company (or should Film Studio be used instead?)

For releases, I'd like to see an addition for "Based on the life/works of"-type of credit. I recently added the film Palsa, which is based on the life and art (paintings & comics) of the artist Kalervo Palsa, but I didn't find a proper credit with which to mention him there (aside of notes). It'd be good to have a separate credits for biography-type films, especially so that linking between bookogs, discogs, filmogs etc. would be easier.

Also, what the Brand company credit is meant to be used for? I've used it for mentioning companies listed (with logos) on the release covers that don't have a specific role mentioned for them, but I was wondering if using it like that is wrong.

One more request for company credits:
- Licensee

- Sales

Film (main) genre request:
- Music video
- Concert video (for band's live recordings)
- Live performance / Live recording (or something along those lines, for stand-up specials, etc.)

"Licensee" is covered already. "Licensed From/Through/To" covers both the party issuing and being issued a license. Use "Licensed To" for the latter.

I second the last request for music video, but only if using these terms as unique abstracts, a la "Film", not as a genre. And I'd suggest things like TV Series or OVA be added to the list of film sub-types as well.

Things like "Live", "Concert" and "Stand-Up" seem more suited to the Genre field to me, though.

Good point about the Licensed-credit, thanks for the help morgue_sludge!

More film credit requests:
- Location Manager
- Location Scouting

Hello, sorry, I have a doubt. For you in this release:
what is the film?

Film credit requests/suggestions:
Sound Design By / Audio Engineer

It turns out that the credits list I mentioned in my first message are not as up to date as this page is:

Which means that I was completely unaware of "Marketing" and "Production Company" credits (which I requested to be added 2 weeks ago) up until now, and have not entered them. I hope mentioning this here helps other new users to avoid the same mistakes that I've made.

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