The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The title on this film has the date, which is obviously wrong. If I edit the title to remove the date, what happens to all the releases that are linked to it? Do I have to change the link on each release entry afterwards?

I think the year is there only to separate it from this later film with the exact same title:

No idea if adding the year to follow the title is the right way to go about separating them, though.

You won’t have to change it on all releases afterwards. That happens automatically.

But the year was added for a reason.

As the previous comment already said.
It was added to differentiate it from the remake which shares the same name.
There were lots of releases linked wrong before the year was added.
And as long as there’s no other way this site shows the year when selecting a film.
I highly recommend to keep it as it is at the moment.

Or will you do the “cleanup” on these two Films now and then?


Thanks, guys. I asked one question and got answers for two. I am not going to change the title on this one, but I know now what happens when I correct a film title and there are releases linked to it.

Personally I would remove the date. As I frequently do when entering films that share a title with another - yes when entering film without a unique title one is forced to add something like a date to differentiate it, at first.

However, the title plus date is clearly not the title. So I remove it.

This is something Filmogs must address, because it is part of a broader issue, notably the date of unique releases too.

Filmogs need to provide displays within search cards for both films and releases with dates displayed. As IMDb does. Once the database is even half populated the number of same title films and the number of releases attached to those films will be numerous and will require more ways to efficiently navigate than titles/images alone.

Actually I have now noticed that the date is now entered beneath film titles on the home page and search cards*. Thanks team Filmogs! Perhaps the same could be done for releases too- even if the way it stands the date makes films stand out a little from releases which is helpful (this standing out could be achieved another way...)

Plus, when entering a title previously claimed, it is cumbersome to have to add something to then remove it.

  • idefix23 - this means a film title really doesn't need a date appended to differentiate it.

Being on my smartphone at the moment I can’t see any year when typing the name of a film to link a release.
For “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” it just shows both and people that aren’t interested enough just choose the first one...if they even link it to a film.

That’s were the error happens.

Although the mobile view of filmogs isnt the best so there might be a difference on a desktop pc.
But I doubt that this was addressed today.

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