The entry for these codes are an open text box. it would be nice to have a list similar to the "Barcodes and Other Identifiers" box from discogs

This would make so much sense for the future growth of the database.
Same goes for ONE dedicated year field.
The sorting options are less to none at the moment.

Thanks for the feedback yuppers and Idefix23, we will take it into consideration.

+1 from me

+1 great idea! would love to see that. would also like a drop down menu like Discogs to choose right away if i'm putting in a UPC barcode or catalog number. Same thing could be said about the matrix layers on the DVDs, along with SID codes.

This would also stop users putting the ID code in the descriptor, and the descriptor where the code should be!

If implemented, please use correct terminology.

We just released some changes to how the identifying codes are handled. We added the most commonly used types as the suggested options but there is still the possibility to add types not on the list.

Furthermore we added a notes section if more detail is needed.

Do let us know if you have anymore feedback or suggestions!

I love that new feature! It's exactly what I needed to speed things along, thank you very much!

Not to mention, I see what you did on the film pages as well! So great that you can finally filter between release types and countries of origin!

Happy to hear that you like it WolfXCIX and the filtering as well. Let us know if you have any more feedback on it!

I also really like the "TV Show", "TV Episode", and "Starring" identifiers, we really needed those!

I jus noticed the new update. thanks. Though i do have a question why Criterion get’s its own identifier. why not Serie number or something like that. there are several other Series that number their releases.

Missing the country code in the drop down menu. for info check:

also “Other” would be useful for unspecified identifiers.

What does NYSE-LGF printed under lionsgate mean i have it on one of my dvds for Delta Farce.

I placed it under other

NYSE = New York Stock Exchange
LGF = Lions Gate Entertainment Corp

Thanks EK

I like the standardized Code descriptors in the main. But I second Oteis' request for 'Other' and 'Country code'. Plus I'd like a 'Part Number' with no qualifer in parenthesis. I've just added a box set containing two numbered digipacks; presently I am forced to add these codes as 'Part Number (disc)' which is misleading. This will also be an issue with box sets with separate numbered keep cases. That's why I'm asking for an additional 'part number' by itself, that can be subsequently and variously qualified in the notes of that code's entry. Thanks

Shouldn't the Identifying Code - main section - be used to identify the unit being indexed as a whole?

The individual item numbers for the pieces-parts of the unit - cover wraps, O-Cards, booklets, and so forth - should be listed, but not with the main codes -- in my opinion.

PLUS disc identifiers - Matrix, SIDs, item numbers, etc. also clutter up the ID code section; with multiple disc sets (each disc with multiple layers and SIDs) and variants, the ID code section becomes not useful. There should be a different place to add these.

just like Countries you can add own identifiers that are not in the dropdown. So i added ”Series Number”. Hopefully it will be added to the dropdown.

Thanks Oteis, I was having difficulties adding my own identifying description (they kept going blank). But having read from a user that it is possible I perseveered - successfully.

A generic Spine Number field should be added to the Identifying code list, though in my opinion it should just replace the existing Criterion Collection Spine # as having both would be somewhat redundant

Please add subcodes to the drop down as well.

Region 2 has sub-codes associated with it. It is not clear at this time of these are coded into the disc, or just printed on the release artwork:

D1 are United Kingdom–only releases
D2 and D3 are not sold in the UK and Ireland
D4 are distributed throughout Europe.”

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