I have many self-release dvd-r from filmmakers themselves. Often they have packaging, printed labels etc. One of the ones I have just submitted is from a filmmaker who is currently winning awards, so there will be DVD/blu rays to come.

However, Company is a compulsory field. What should we put? The filmmaker's name, a production company (if there is one), 'none' or 'Self Release'. I opted for the latter in the interim - I will change it to conform to consensus, if necessary.

So far, I have put "Not On Label" like on Discogs, nothing better to offer

OK, except 'Label' is not the term generally used for distributors and marketeers of moving image. That's a music industry term. I think we need something distinct here.

'Self Release' seems fine to me.

Companies are not required on release pages. Release pages are the only pages that even call for company credits. You should always go by what's ont he release in front of you, so what's the issue?

Ha! Well spotted morgue_sludge. My eye was deceived by the red asterisk next to company name, but you are quite right - we can omit it. Thanks


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