Should VHS tape variations be entered as individual releases?

  • There is a "The Lion King" VHS release indexed with label printed directly onto cassette
  • Some tapes have a printed label (sticker) affixed to cassette (also different production (?) numbers printed on cassette)

The UPC-A, ISBN-10 and SKU numbers are identical on both releases.

My two cents: From a "collector" perspective, I think cosmetic variants like this are (or should be) valid, as they are on Discogs.

Case in point:

These are almost identical releases, according to the data and available images, just with different logos/contact info. on the spine and reverse (see lower right corner of reverse-side scans. Though not pictured, the logo on the spine of the 2nd version is the same as the red circle logo, only inside a yellow circle). I consider details like this important.

I feel the same way about release variants featuring printed versus stickered labels, though the example I posted may be a more clear-cut variation than what you're describing.

I agree with morgue_sludge. Different packaging design features constitute a separate release. Just be sure to make it clear in the notes - adding a link to the similar release can also ease finding a release for users.

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