Under the heading Genre, some have already discussed about fictive characters. Then it was based on someone giving credit to James Bond. It may not be correct, but perhaps one could get the opportunity to link to fictitious people that appear in many films, such as Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, Maigret, Martin Beck and Harry Potter.

@Botros: I can't remember what thread we discussed it, but EK_ counter-proposed NOT putting fictive characters (or series names) in the sub-genre field. I think it's been tabled for now, but IIRC, the mods/devs said they might consider it as a separate field later.

@lexiconangel: I think a separate field will be very good.

A “Tag” field would be ideal. That way you can link films for all sorts of purposes, like fictive characters, writers, etc.

We wait and see what the web site's administrators can do for us.

Has anything been decided on crediting "Fictive characters"?

Noticed that "Bugs Bunny" has a CREDIT page and is listed as ACTOR on various FILM pages.


Seriously? Actor? What's next, ALL animated characters being credited?

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